Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Stanley Cup Playoffs! ( The Eastern Confrence! )

Ill Start with the Eastern Conference.

Pittsburgh and Montreal Have the series tied 3-3 and its going to game 7. Personally I would take montreal for the win. The reason: They had already beat the 1st place team in the eastern confrence wich was washinton and they had Alexander Ovechkin. They same story with Pittsburgh except Sidney Crosby. It would be hard but the Canadiens picked up a player that had played with Pittsburgh for a while and know Crosby better than any other person on the Canadiens. Maybe that was why Crosby has only scored once in this series. I think will Hall Gill, Mike Cammalleri and Brian Gionta will take the canadiens to the win.

Now onto the other two teams In the east which are boston and Philadelphia i think these two teams will be a bit eaisier to predict than the last Boston is leading the series 3-2. They have good solid players like their top center Marc Savard and good golatending to add to their chances with Tuukka Rask in net. But the flyers didn't get here by luck or chance with people like Simon Gagne and Danny Briere on the offensive line. Aswell as some solid people on the defensive like Chris Pronger and with the Flyers comming off a heated 4-0 win last game in Boston there is no doubt who has momentum on their side. I would think that the flyers would use that momenyum to win. My predictions the flyers in 7 But make no mistake Boston(i hope they win though) will be ready to go into Game 6 with a vengence and if they win its lights out for the Flyers.

For me an ideal Semifinal Match up would be Boston and Montreal which is one of the biggest rivalries going in NHL history.But, I think its going to be Montreal and Philadelphia . We will see if im right and I'm sure by next week this time we will know for sure which teams would be moving on and the ones who would be cleaning out their locker rooms and getting ready for the off season.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reality Tv Shows!

I think that reality TV is far from depicting reality. It sure is taking up prime time programming it seems like every day there is a new show taking up blocks on TV. Here why i think they are anything but reality. Firstly for example the show survivor In reality there might be some tribe somewhere but other than that its just a shows that tries to grab your attention.

Not that i have anything against the show i actually like it a lot it just that its really far from reality.

My favorite reality show from all time (so far) is Celebrity apprentice. The reason not only that it provides good entertainment, but that the winner of each week gets money to donate to the charity of their choice. So its a good show with purpose and helps less fortunate people.

In conclusion, most Reality TV shows don't depict reality but some help the world. While others are there for solely for entertainment.

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I think something should be done about this its a terrible thing. I don't know how anybody in the right mind would do this to themselves. I've read the whole article and ends just don't meet up. Firstly are they doing this for then money or is 100% of that is going for their food.

Personally I think something should be done about this but the question is what do you do? I mean do you tell them to stop eating so much you can do that but they wont listen. Do we try to tell them about all the health risks and what they are getting into? You can tell them anything and everything but in the end its all their personal choice.

It's their life not ours so who are we to tell them what to do?

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Some Like em most hate them. But all in all you have to wear them. Personally i don't mind them. They are a daily part of our lives so here are a list of pros and cons to think about uniforms.

The pros are, that no one can be judged by their clothes or how they look and it also makes clothes choices a lot easier (not that I'm such a high fashion person). Also grass stains don't show up with all these darker colours.

Cons for some people are Not just the uniform themselves but how they have to wear them. Like just tucking their shirts in and having to wear their cardigan in chapel. Personally i don't think the uniforms are pretty good because i puts you in a routine and that helps to make you shave precious seconds of your time you need to get to school so i don't think anything about the uniforms need to be changed.

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Evensong From what i am reading about this post is that most people don't Like it well,all i have to say is that It is not my favorite time of day. For some of you this might be confusing If you have read my post Does God exist? and i will tell you why in a second. Firstly Its not about the content they have there but it is how they do things. For example i go to a church and How they do things there are different for example to don't even use an organ and have us read things things from a Burgundy book. Repeating things line after line every single day.

On the other hand my church you can say is very contemporary. They have a band yes i said band. They also sing kind of rock type of music. And to top it all off we sit for quite a bit more than at evensong.

So In conclusion I think they should give evensong a bit of a dose of new music and style. If this happens then, I am sure there will be quite a few more souls then now that would look forward to evensong.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Does God exist?

Ok, firstly let me tell you that I am biased. I am a Theist which means that I beleive there is one God the creator and ruler of the universe. Personally, I think the only way to doubt Christianity fairly is to understand the alternate belief under your doubts and then ask yourself what reasons you have for believing it and how do you know your belief is true?

It would be wrong to to ask for more proof for the Christian belief that God exists then for Atheist belief that he does not, but that is what often happens. For those of you who do not believe that God exists here are some thoughts that may help you reconsider.

1) Why is the universe expanding at an accelerated pace? Does this not in some way point to a moment of begining, something initiated by a supreme being?

2) The more we study the universe the more we realize how complex it is. How can something so complex happen accidentally?

3) How can the material world develop innate moral grounding in humans? Does this not point to a moral Creator that built us this way?

4) Our universe is full of fine tuning when you look at how all the various laws and elements fit together. Tiny changes in in any one of these would not allow for human life to exist. Does this not point to a divine designer? God?

5) Finally, what do you think about Jesus and his fulfillment of prophesy, and ressurrection? Is he telling the truth or lying, being honest or deluded? If he is right does that not mean there is a God?

From my perspective I believe that there is quite a bit of evidence to support the existence of God.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Winter Olympic Games

This year the winter Olympic games were held in a place we all know and love, Canada. Well more specifically Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada had hosted the Olympics twice before. Once in 88' in Calgary, Alberta and the other time in 76 in Montreal, Quebec.

Unfortunately both of the times we hosted the games we had never won a gold medal. The Canadian people were a little nervous, they wanted this time to be different. They eagerly anticipating who would win the first gold medal on Canadian soil.

The games began with Alexandre Bilodeau winning Canada's first gold medal at home. What an exiting moment one we would never forget. So now Canada had a gold medal but we were not finished yet. No, we were far from being finished. Who could forget the men's hockey game between Canada and the U.S. with the overtime goal by Sidney Crosby which gave us our last gold medal.

Canada went on to win 7 bronze medals 7 silver medals and fourteen Gold medals the most of any winter Olympics .The Vancouver 2010 Winter games would go down in history as the the time that Canada won the most gold medals of all time!

In conclusion, Canada did pretty good for their last Host Olympic games comming from no medals at all to the most of all tiem? thats a pretty good improvement.

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